Hi, this is Senator Janis Ringhand with this week’s Democratic Radio Address.

On Tuesday, Governor Evers celebrated National Agriculture Day with the
signing of Senate Bill 827, which will help bolster Wisconsin’s dairy exports.

Governor Evers and Democrats have long advocated putting partisanship aside
to support farmers and promote our state’s strong agricultural and dairy exports

Republicans, however, have been reluctant to work with the Governor or
legislative Democrats to get things done for our farmers and agriculture industry,
rejecting multiple proposals that would have funded vital programs.

This past year, Governor Evers provided $100 million in federal funds to help
farmers and their families. He also provided direct aid payments to over 20,000
Wisconsin farmers.

On top of this, Democrats have also supported over $53 million in the 21/23 state
budget to fund direct programming and staffing increases to support our farmers.
Our dairy industry is vital to our state’s economy and is core to our state identity.

I am proud to have stood with the Governor every step of the way in
strengthening our dairy exports industry, and I am glad that we were able to
invest even more into these efforts this week.

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