Hi, this is State Senator Dan Feyen.

Last month, the non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau released a memo that found since 2011 Republicans have cut taxes by $22 billion.

Over that time Wisconsin fell from the 4th highest taxed state in the nation, all the way down to 23rd as of 2019.

Prior to 2011, our state finances were in disarray from years of tax and spend policies coupled with massive debt and regulations that shackled businesses and prevented economic growth.

The taxpayers decided they had enough of the wasteful spending and sent Governor Walker and Republicans to Madison to fix the budget and bring fiscal responsibility back to the state capitol.

Governor Evers tried to move the state backwards by gouging taxpayers last February when he proposed $1.5 billion in tax increases in his budget recommendation. Republicans on the Joint Finance Committee rejected the governor’s proposal and instead passed a historic tax cut of $3.4 billion.

In 2011, Republicans pledged to the fix the budget and put more money back in your pocket. We will continue to save for the future, reduce the size of government and cut taxes so you can keep more of your hard-earned money.

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