Republicans are in your corner.

Hi, I’m State Senator Alberta Darling.

Republicans are working hard to protect the rights of parents. From making sure you’re
aware of what your child is learning in school to creating a parental bill of rights.

Republicans are in your corner.

We are also making sure parents know about the risks student-athletes might face. I
authored the Sideline for Safety Act which makes sure parents are informed about the
dangers of concussions in sports.

We built on that law to protect student athletes from a potentially fatal and often undetected problem with their hearts. This new law alerts parents and can help save lives. Sports are important to the development of young people. Sports teach cooperation, teamwork and trust. It puts kids from different backgrounds together, encourages them to work together and teaches them to trust each other. Most of all athletics are fun. This law will help make sure sports are also safer for student-athletes because Republicans are in your corner.

On, Wisconsin.

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