I’m Senator Melissa Agard with this week’s Democratic radio address.

Just when you think they couldn’t go lower – new information comes out about the conspiracy-driven investigation into the 2020 election.

This week, Special Counsel Michael Gableman attacked Wisconsin Elections Commission Administrator Megan Wolfe – not for her work – but for her appearance.

He stated, “Black dress, white pearls — I’ve seen the act, I’ve seen the show.”

Let me be clear, judging anyone by anything other than their work product, work ethic, and character is unacceptable.

Misogyny is something women in public positions deal with on a daily basis.

This incident simply shines a light on this shameful, disrespectful behavior.

It’s bad enough that Gableman has cost the hardworking people of Wisconsin over half a million dollars – only to fail in his attempt to show widespread fraud in our electoral process.

With his pockets lined with your tax dollars, he is now on a publicity tour aimed at disparaging public servants and raising his own profile.

It is unfortunate that Former Justice Gableman and his taxpayer funded sham continue to embarrass our state.

As for Wisconsin Democrats, we will continue to support our hardworking election officials across the state. We will work to expand our democracy and promote the people’s right to access the ballot box.

We will work with dignity and respect.

And unlike Michael Gableman, we will never resort to cheap, personal attacks.

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