Hi, this is Senator Janet Bewley with this week’s Democratic Radio Address.

Far too often these days, politicians try and convince you that something is an “either or” proposition. But the truth is we can rise above false choices and bring people together to achieve a common goal. We all want fresh air, clean water and a thriving environment for our children. And we all have to heat our homes and get to work. The good news is that we can do both and at the same time provide good-paying jobs and economic

Governor Evers is leading the way. This week he announced the first-ever Wisconsin Clean Energy Plan to help Wisconsin transition to a clean energy economy.

The Governor’s Plan is a pathway to a clean, reliable, and affordable energy policy that will save our families money on monthly energy bills, modernize our buildings and industries, innovate transportation, maximize energy efficiency, and generate more than 40,000 new jobs by 2030.

I applaud the Governor’s commitment to transitioning Wisconsin to a clean energy economy. Don’t listen to Republicans who push the false dilemma between tackling the climate crisis and having a strong economy. The reality is that investing in clean energy is a win-win situation.

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