Hi, this is State Representative Gary Hebl with this week’s Democratic Radio Address.
This week, Governor Evers announced that a Native Shoreline Restoration Project is
moving forward at the Executive Residence. Native trees, flowers, and other flora will be
planted to prevent erosion and protect wildlife habitats.

The project will serve as a model for shorelines across the state to fight back against
erosion and wildlife habitat loss as well as preventing runoff.

Democrats are committed to protecting Wisconsin’s environment – whether it’s fighting for long-term funding of the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program, combatting pollution from so-called “forever chemicals” like PFAS, or bold new initiatives like creating the Wisconsin Climate Corps, which would provide career pathways for workers in climate resiliency, restoring and rebuilding natural lands, and supporting the transition to clean

Republicans continue to utter hollow words every year around Earth Day, posing for
pictures, and posting graphics on social media. But when it comes time to actually take
action, they come up empty, offering no solutions and dismissing efforts by Democrats
to address the problems.

The people of Wisconsin are tired of waiting. It’s time for real action. Democrats are
ready to tackle the issues.

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