This week, a U.S. Supreme Court internal draft opinion that would reverse Roe vs. Wade was leaked to the media.

Despite messaging from the left that this would eliminate abortion, it would simply return the issue to the states to decide for themselves if any limits should be placed on abortion.

Our Republic is based on the idea that elected officials closest to the people should decide what laws line up with each state’s values. Not judges, bureaucrats or career politicians thousands of miles away.

Democrats have seized the moment and changed the debate away from the issues that affect every American family every day.

These issues include inflation, high crime, gas prices increasing, and other economic hardships that continue to erode Americans’ standards of living. These are problems created by career politicians in Washington. They don’t want us to talk about it.

Meanwhile, Wisconsin Republicans for the last dozen years have lowered taxes by $22 billion.

But it’s all been absorbed by higher prices in the form of inflation.

No doubt there will be a debate about Roe in Wisconsin. But our focus won’t change: we will continue to provide tax relief to ease the hardship of Washington’s inflation. While D.C. career politicians and elites erode the value of your dollar, we’ll reduce your taxes to retain more of those hard-earned dollars.

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