Hi, I’m Senator Janis Ringhand with this week’s Democratic Radio Address. Wisconsinites are resilient people. When life throws obstacles in our way, we find a way to overcome, we find a way to ‘bounce back’ better. The COVID crisis hit Wisconsin hard, but we’re not letting it defeat us. In fact, Wisconsin ranks second in the country for COVID related aid directed to economic development, and first in the country in aid to businesses.

This week, Governor Evers announced an additional $25 million investment in the Main Street Bounceback Grant Program, bringing the total investment to $75 million. This program has been crucial to our state’s recovery from the pandemic as it has already helped more than 4,200 small businesses and nonprofits across all 72 Wisconsin counties. This new investment will go on to help 2,500 more small businesses fill empty storefronts throughout the state.

Democrats know that we build back better by investing in our communities and are committed to strengthening and supporting our local economies.

Republicans, on the other hand, talk a big game, but unfortunately don’t deliver.

The last thing we need are more giveaways to large corporations like Foxconn which has failed on almost all of its promises.

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