Hello, this is State Senator Mary Felzkowski of the 12th Senate District. July 4th is a special day of remembrance and celebration for America.

The first Fourth of July was celebrated in 1777 in Philadelphia, commemorating the 1776 adoption of the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain. We now celebrate this day with fireworks, grill outs, concerts, parades, and much more. I love celebrating America’s independence with my family and friends, but it’s also important to remember the sacrifices that were made in the name of our independence.

Independence Day is a reminder of not only the price of freedom, but the weight of freedom. Leaving the grasp of England was a risky choice, but courage won over fear. I believe it’s important to celebrate life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, just as I also believe it’s important to remember the sacrifices of many Americans who came before us. I’m proud to be an American and a Wisconsinite, and my hope is that you are as well.

Happy Independence Day!

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