Hello, I’m Senator Melissa Agard with this week’s Democratic Radio Address.

We’re only a montha away from the August Primary and just 4 months away from the November election. Television ads have started to run and the pollsters are busy.

It’s tempting to tune all this out, but I do hope that you all remember an important poll number.

According to a recent Marquette Poll, only 38% of Wisconsinites approve of the way the Republican-led state legislature has been handling its job. Since 2011, the Republicans have controlled the legislature, and they are the ones who determined what laws have been enacted.

Despite widespread public support, Republicans have refused to:

  • Expand Medicaid
  • Fully fund our public schools
  • Legalize cannabis
  • Pass common-sense gun safety reforms
  • Create a long-term transportation funding solution

Unfair maps passed in 2011 have insulated the Republican legislators from any accountability to the voters. They simply don’t have to listen to you and they’ll still be elected.  Unlike Republicans, my Democratic colleagues and I have been working with Governor Evers to prioritize our shared Wisconsin values and address the key issues facing our Wisconsin families.

We’ll keep listening to you and keep working to lower health care costs, support public education, provide middle-class tax cuts, and improve our roads.


That’s the Wisconsin we care about. Thank you.

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