This is Wisconsin State Senator Julian Bradley. The recent overturning of Roe v Wade is a crucial victory for Wisconsin children.

Our society is strongest when we lift up the least among us—and that means protecting the lives of unborn babies, and helping them and their families succeed. Pregnancy resource centers offer free medical care, as well as counseling and resources for women who may not know where to turn. These centers are making a difference in communities across our state by providing valuable resources to women who need them most.

Being pro-life doesn’t stop after birth. Wisconsin Republicans will continue to advocate for opportunities for kids and families to succeed long after birth. From ensuring access to a quality education to creating a strong economy we are working to ensure every child is given a chance at a bright future. Every child should have the opportunity to succeed, and that means not only protecting their lives from the moment they are conceived, but providing opportunities for families to thrive.

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