The summer months are finally here and the legislative session has come to a close but the Legislature’s work is far from over.

This summer we are preparing to tackle some of the state’s most pressing issues through legislative study committees. These are special committees that meet throughout the summer to address issues that are brought forward during session but require more thorough research and investigation. The bipartisan committees are made up of lawmakers, members from the general public and subject matter experts. Prior
to the start of the legislative session, each committee will issue a report with recommendations to address the problems the committee was tasked with researching.

The committees will look at issues ranging from increasing employment opportunities for formerly incarcerated individuals to improving occupational licensing standards throughout the state.

Seven different study committees have been assembled this summer and I will be serving on a committee that will identify barriers that prevent school districts from sharing administrative and other services and offer solutions that could lead to efficiencies and reduce costs.

I’m looking forward to seeing the recommendations from each committee later this year so we can hit the grounding running with legislation when session picks up again this winter.

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