Hi, this is Senator Janis Ringhand with this week’s Democratic radio address.

August in Wisconsin. In many people’s minds, this is the best time of year. Swimming, fishing, bicycling, golfing or barbequing, there are so many ways to enjoy our beautiful state. With all that’s going on, it’s easy to forget that this coming Tuesday, August 9th, is Primary Day. Polls open at 7:00am and close at 8:00 pm. I hope you won’t forget. Our democracy works best when people participate.

Please don’t be discouraged by all the negative things you hear from some my Republican colleagues about the integrity of our elections. Anyone who claims that there was any widespread problems with our 2020 election is talking nonsense. Two weeks before that election, the Republican radio address from Senator Howard Marklein encouraged voters to utilize drop boxes, which he celebrated as secure and convenient.

I understand being disappointed in the outcome, but the current attack on voting goes beyond sour grapes, beyond being a sore loser. This is undermining the very foundation of our democracy. And it needs to stop.

My Democratic colleagues and I are proud to stand with Governor Evers to protect and defend the voting rights of all Wisconsinites. That’s why we are encouraging everyone, Republicans, Democrats and Independents to help strengthen democracy by ignoring the nay-sayers. Please get out and vote on Tuesday.

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