Help wanted – it’s a sign you can see in shop windows across the state. Unfortunately, little help is coming from Governor Evers or his administration

Hi, I’m State Senator Patrick Testin from Stevens Point. This session, I authored a bill to put the work search requirements back in place for able-bodied people using one of Wisconsin’s public assistance programs. With job opportunities plentiful, I don’t believe the government should pay people to stay home. Unfortunately, Governor Evers thought otherwise, and vetoed the bill – a major loss for taxpayers, business owners, and people who truly need the assistance.

While this administration protects those who don’t want to work, they have also been a barrier for many who do. Governor Evers’ agency in charge of licensing is often weeks, sometimes months behind in issuing occupational licenses – forcing nurses, respiratory therapists, and many other qualified, in-demand professionals to sit on the sidelines. We didn’t see delays like this before, and we should expect better from this administration.

It’s also time to recognize that there is dignity in work. For too long, public officials have looked down at blue collar jobs. Well here’s a news flash: a four year degree isn’t the only ticket to success. That’s why my Republican colleagues and I have voted to increase investments in technical education and apprenticeships. There are plenty of family-supporting jobs available in the trades – jobs that are in high demand. We’re committed to continuing to make these investments because we know that Wisconsin only works when everyone is working.

Have a happy Labor Day.

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