Hi, this is Senator Janis Ringhand with this week’s Democratic Radio Address.

I remember as a kid getting so excited when we’d have a big storm and the power would go out.  It seemed fun to me then, but as I’ve gotten older, I look back and realize why my parents didn’t share my excitement.  It can be frightening to suddenly find you can’t rely on something that you depend on to keep you and your family safe. 

Most of us assume that when we pick up the phone and call 911, someone will answer and help will soon be on the way.  For many people in rural areas of the state that isn’t the case.   Imagine calling 911 and finding out they don’t have anyone to send.

Local governments depend on shared revenue payments from the state in order to keep their communities going.  Our neighbors’ lives should not be put in danger because the Republicans who control the legislature sit on billion dollar surpluses while local governments struggle. 

That’s why we were excited to see Governor Evers’ announcement that $32 million in emergency medical services Flex Grants have been awarded to EMS providers in nearly every county across the state.   Democrats know that Wisconsinites deserve timely access to EMS regardless of where they live, and are proud to work with the Governor to help make you safer.

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