Hi, this is State Senator Julian Bradley. As I talk with neighbors, community leaders, and my Republican colleagues in the legislature, we are all concerned about the release of violent criminals back into our communities. Whether it’s Governor Evers’ Parole Commission releasing murderers or soft-on-crime District Attorneys refusing to charge repeat offenders, Wisconsin deserves better.

If Wisconsinites cannot safely go to school, work, and community events without fearing for their safety, then we’ve failed.

That’s why Republicans are working with law enforcement across the state to ensure dangerous criminals remain behind bars. While second chances are crucial for many first-time offenders, our criminal justice system must hold repeat offenders responsible for their choices. Police Officers have a hard enough job without having to catch the same criminals over and over again.

Next session, we will continue our work to ensure police, judges, and prosecutors have the tools needed to protect our communities. But just as importantly, we will continue to set guidelines that prevent the worst district attorneys, judges, and Department of Corrections staff from putting our communities at risk. One important policy is ensuring the danger a criminal poses to the community can be considered when bail is set. This common-sense change will prevent tragedies that have become far too common in Wisconsin.

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