MADISON, Wis. – Representative Mark Born (R – Beaver Dam) released the weekly radio address on behalf of Wisconsin Legislative Republicans.

The holiday season is in full swing, but I’m sure every Wisconsinite, like me, is just as excited about the next season that’s right around the corner: the legislative budget season!

In the first half of next year, the Joint Committee on Finance, the Legislature’s budget-writing committee, will come together to craft our state’s next two-year budget. Like we’ve done every budget since 2011, Republicans will be looking at ways to reduce the state’s tax burden on our residents. Our tax cuts have saved Wisconsinites over $21 billion dollars, but our work isn’t done yet.

With a surplus of over $6 billion—due, in part, to higher sales tax collections—we will be sure to return more of your hard-earned dollars back to you. All the while, we will keep investing our priorities like roads, broadband expansion, healthcare and schools.

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