Madison, WI, June 6 – With an ever-narrowing window of opportunity in which to act on the climate crisis, 350 Wisconsin is launching Together for the Climate, a multi-year $500,000 fundraising campaign to grow its grassroots movement. Much like a capital campaign, this capacity-building campaign will provide the organization with the resources to expand its climate activism, working with others around the globe toward the goal of achieving a rapid transition to renewable energy and building healthy, thriving communities.

Together for the Climate marks 350 Wisconsin’s 10-year anniversary. It also coincides with World Environment Day (June 5), a global event to celebrate the Earth and to encourage action on the climate crisis. This year’s theme – “Only One Earth” – emphasizes the critical importance of living sustainably in harmony with nature. Gail Nordheim, president of 350 Wisconsin’s board of directors, says, “the next few years will be critically important if we are to avoid the worst effects of climate change. Together for the Climate will allow 350 Wisconsin to multiply its impact, as we demand that elected officials and corporations make the transformational changes needed to end the climate crisis and achieve climate justice.”

As the largest nonprofit in Wisconsin working exclusively on climate change – at local, state, and national levels – 350 Wisconsin is uniquely positioned to provide opportunities for collective action. The group’s bold vision for the future lays out a path to a sustainable world for all, supported by concrete and creative strategies centered on community action and justice.

With no time left to waste on climate inaction, 350 Wisconsin’s recently-updated strategic plan is ambitious. Major priorities include strengthening climate justice work, growing statewide influence, building critical communications capacity, and meeting specific strategic targets (e.g., ending oil pipelines in Wisconsin). Executive Director John Greenler, PhD, explains: “350 Wisconsin is launching new initiatives to address the rapidly advancing climate crisis. Our actions are creative and raise up current scientific knowledge and best practices in regards to policies and legislation. From stopping the proliferation of tar sands oil pipelines, to pushing for divestment from fossil fuel industries, to promoting clean energy opportunities that advance justice, 350 Wisconsin is on the front lines of climate action.”

Stephanie Robinson, 350 Wisconsin’s development director, points to the extraordinary growth 350 Wisconsin has experienced in recent years: “Our rapid growth reflects Wisconsinites’ rising alarm at the climate crisis, and their desire to do something about it. Our Together for the Climate campaign will help us continue to fill that need and bring about real change. We’ve been fortunate to receive several foundation grants and individual gifts to kick-off the campaign. We hope that like-minded individuals will reach out directly to learn more about how they can support our efforts.”

To learn more about Together for the Climate or to support the campaign, visit

350 Wisconsin is an unstoppable movement of everyday people from diverse communities around Wisconsin, working together for justice and an end to the climate crisis. We challenge government, community, and business leaders to rapidly implement the far-reaching changes and solutions we need.

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