MOUNT PLEASANT, WI SEPTEMBER 26, 2022 – The local community watchdog group A Better Mt. Pleasant is launching a village-wide effort to recruit candidates to run for four seats on the Village Board of Trustees — including Village President — ahead of the April 2023 election.

In the last two elections, in 2021 and 2022, no candidate for Mount Pleasant Village Trustee faced an opponent on election day. In 2019 and 2020, just two village trustees faced an opponent out of seven seats. In fact, it’s been more than five years since every candidate had an opponent, giving voters a choice in who represents them in Mount Pleasant.

“In a village of 26,000, our trustees basically appointed themselves with only the 20 nomination signatures required to be placed on the ballot,” said Kelly Gallaher, organizer for A Better Mt. Pleasant. “We understand that asking our neighbors to begin the process of cleaning up the mess that Foxconn and Village Hall have made is a hard ask. But, 2023 presents our community with a very unique opportunity.”

Four seats, including the Village President, will be on the April ballot — representing a majority of the Village Board of Trustees. 

“A possible majority sweep is something current trustees tried to avoid earlier in 2022, when they voted unanimously to extend their terms from two to three years and stagger trustee seat elections in a way that would ensure a new majority could never be elected in a single year,” continued Gallaher. “We stopped their efforts by forcing a public referendum. Rather than face a sure loss at the ballot box, our current trustees repealed their ordinance instead. We know they will try it again.”

A Better Mt. Pleasant is a non-partisan community organization. The candidate recruitment effort is not supported by any partisan political organization or campaign. 

“We have talked with people who view themselves as conservative and progressive. What they have in common is a shared vision for the success of our village, not fealty to a political party.” Gallaher said, “We want to create a team that views residents as neighbors, not a nuisance.”

A Better Mt. Pleasant will offer advice and support for candidates. 

“Many of us at A Better Mt. Pleasant have years of campaign experience which can be really helpful, especially for first-time candidates,” said Gallaher. “It’s a giant step into public service. We want to be as supportive and encouraging as we can for those willing to take that step forward.”

Candidates for local office can file their Campaign Registration form in early December, with all  required forms due on January 3, 2023, in order to be placed on the April ballot. 

“The process of running for office isn’t very difficult and we know our current trustees are vulnerable.” Gallaher continued, “Mount Pleasant voters are ready to put the failure of Foxconn behind them — and that begins at Village Hall.” 

Mount Pleasant residents can find out more about running for village trustee in 2023 by contacting A Better Mt. Pleasant through email: or through our Facebook page:

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