“They stole the land and knew they would lose in court.”

MOUNT PLEASANT, WI JANUARY 11, 2022 – On Monday, January 10th, the Mount Pleasant Village Board quietly approved a settlement agreement with Rodney and Catherine Jensen, the last homeowners in an eminent domain lawsuit originally filed in September 2018.


Mount Pleasant claimed they needed the Jensen’s three acre parcel of land and their family home for road repair which had already been completed. The village filed an eminent domain claim against the homeowners, essentially seizing their home and property. The Jensen’s refused to vacate their home while their case was pending in Racine County Circuit Court.


“Mount Pleasant tried to steal their home and land using a bogus eminent domain claim so they could give it to Foxconn,” said Kelly Gallaher of the community organization, A Better Mt. Pleasant. “They knew they were going to lose in court and agreed to the Jensen’s terms.”


A Better Mt. Pleasant has requested a copy of the settlement agreement from the Village of Mount Pleasant.


“All this time and money, just so they can give the land to Foxconn—which is exactly what they are going to do with the property,” Gallaher continued. “The Foxconn development is a failure, and the only ones who don’t seem to know it is the Village of Mount Pleasant.”

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