The Milwaukee Common Council today (Friday, November 4) adopted an amended 2023 City of Milwaukee budget. In total, the Council passed 26 budget amendments, including more than a dozen offered by lead sponsor Alderwoman Milele A. Coggs. Many of the amendments offered by Alderwoman Coggs are footnotes to the budget which will require supporting Common Council action, and address issues such as developing a standard of equity and inclusion, directing the Office of Violence Prevention to work with other departments to integrate violence prevention work, and much more.

Alderwoman Coggs was also a co-sponsor of the Council’s omnibus amendment that restored funding for all proposed cuts to libraries, and provides temporary Martin Luther King, Jr. branch funding during construction of the new King branch.

“As soon as the Mayor presented his proposed 2023 budget that included cuts to libraries across the city, and in particular the King branch, I heard from constituents about how they vehemently opposed that decision,” said Alderwoman Coggs. “I want to thank the residents for making their voices heard, and my colleagues for working with me to restore the proposed library cuts.”

Among the budget amendments sponsored by Alderwoman Coggs adopted as part of the 2023 City budget are:

·        A footnote that directs the Department of Administration to work with each department to develop a basic standard of equity and Inclusion

Budget Amendments

·        A footnote that directs the Library to collaborate with the Health Department’s Office of Violence Prevention to inform changes to library operations, programming, and partnerships that incorporate and promote OVP’s work.

·        A footnote that directs the Office of Violence Prevention to work with the Department of City Development regarding city programs and properties to develop long-term strategies.

·        A footnote to the budget of the Department of City Development to collaborate with the Police Department and the Office of Violence Prevention on worker and neighborhood safety throughout the duration of the Homes MKE Program.

·        A footnote that directs the Office of Violence Prevention to work with the Neighborhood Improvement Development Corporation and the Department of Public Works on possible programming for Healing Spaces and city parks.

“Throughout this year’s budget process as we heard from constituents and departments, it became clear that we needed to do more around the spaces of violence prevention as well as equity and inclusion,” said Alderwoman Coggs. “My hope is that these budget footnotes can serve as a springboard for the city to do a better, more complete job in these areas, and I look forward to continuing these conversations when the Council takes up the corresponding legislation.”

All amendments to the 2023 City budget can be viewed here along with previous department presentations and other budget related information.

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