Milwaukee, WI — The Alexander campaign thanks Attorney Dan Adams for pursuing open election records and Milwaukee County Corporation Counsel for coordinating releasing requested documentation for the April 5th election results for Milwaukee County Supervisor District 18.

Days after an all-write-in election in Milwaukee County’s 18th District Supervisor race, the county has still to itself publish any candidate-by-candidate preliminary results.  Further concerning was news last week that the county could not account for all voting documents for two wards in District 18.  When questioned about preliminary results, the Milwaukee County Election Commission Director told the Alexander campaign and members of the media that the department would not publish any results until an estimated April 15th – a remarkable 10 days after the election.

Attorney Dan Adams represented the Alexander campaign in getting the documents released in the public interest.  The Election Commission Director initially told Alexander that documents existed, but she would not release them, then that no vote tally documents existed.  However, after pressing further and advising county attorneys of possible legal action against the County, Attorney Adams was successful in obtaining the requested election-night vote tally sheets as prepared by poll workers.

Ms. Alexander thanks the County’s Corporation Counsel for taking the matter of election transparency seriously and affirming that the documents did, in fact, exist.  The county’s chief attorney, Margaret Daun, acknowledged by email, “the request took a very small amount of time to fulfill,” and stated that producing the documents “does not cause any significant potential for error in the election canvassing process.”

The Alexander campaign urges the public to remember that poll worker tally sheets do not represent final totals and can be corrected during the canvas process for certification.  Examples of results that could warrant correction include ballots where the voter filled in the bubble but did not list a name, or where the voter wrote in the incomplete name of a registered candidate.  The following data summarizes the totals reached when the Alexander campaign reviewed tally sheets for each ward’s results:

Registered Write-In Candidate                 Votes

Deanna Alexander                                        640

Russell Antonio Goodwin, Sr.                       446

George Lor                                                   205

Byron Marshall                                            118

Teneen Rucker                                               4

Carl Munson                                                  24

Bruce Winter                                                  24

Brenda K. Pullen-O’Donnell                           0

Scattering                                                       291

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