Milwaukee, WI — Candidates Byron Marshall and Bruce Winter have been kind and supportive in conceding the race for Milwaukee County Supervisor – District 18 to former Supervisor, Deanna Alexander.  Incumbent Russell Goodwin took a different position.  He has called on his supporters to protest at Alexander’s home and workplace to try to get her to refuse to take the oath of office.

Alexander responded:

“It sounds like Supervisor Goodwin doesn’t believe in the democratic process and thinks that elections can be overturned just because he doesn’t like the outcome.  His response is unfortunate and wholly inappropriate.  We don’t protest at people’s homes – especially a foster home – over something as silly as his discontent with my clear and wide support in this win.  I wish him all the best as he leaves office and reverts to being a private citizen and I promise to never stoop to the level of sending protesters to his home as he has tried to do to me.  I will, however, take the oath of office.”

Although Milwaukee County has not yet publicly recognized the win, the poll worker tallies showed Alexander won the race with 640 votes compared to Goodwin’s 446 votes and the county has begun the onboarding process of assigning Alexander an office in the courthouse, staff, and is building out her official webpage.  As a result, Alexander is calling victory in the race and invites supporters to join her in celebrating:


Citizens for Servant Leadership &

Deanna Alexander for County Board


6pm on Thursday, April 14, 2022

Mo’s Irish Pub

10842 W Bluemound Rd

Wauwatosa, WI

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