The following quote may be attributed to Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Kate Anderson, director of the ADF Center for Parental Rights, regarding the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s decision Friday to take the case of a group of parents challenging a Madison Metropolitan School District policy that instructs district employees to assist children of any age, upon their request, to adopt an identity at odds with the child’s biological sex without notice to or consent from parents and to conceal from parents the fact that school personnel are doing this unless the child “consents” to the parents being told:

“School policies that exclude parents from children’s gender identity decisions are harming children across the country. We are hopeful that the Wisconsin Supreme Court will take the lead in protecting a parent’s right to be a parent.”

The following quote may be attributed to Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty Deputy Counsel Luke Berg, who is lead counsel in the case, Doe v. Madison Metropolitan School District:

“We are pleased the Wisconsin Supreme Court has agreed to hear this important case. The Madison Metropolitan School District cannot make decisions reserved for parents.”

ADF attorneys together with lead counsel from WILL filed the lawsuit in February 2020 challenging the school district policy. WILL and ADF attorneys represent multiple families at the school district in challenging the policy, which violates constitutionally protected parental rights.

Media resources available at the following link:

Case Name: Doe v. Madison Metropolitan School District

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