In response to Ron Johnson winning the Wisconsin Republican primary, American Bridge 21st Century spokesperson Aidan Johnson issued the following statement:

“Ron Johnson has repeatedly opposed Wisconsinites best interests while working to secure tax breaks for himself and his biggest billionaire corporate backers. He supports hardline abortion bans, voted against lowering the cost of health care and prescription drugs, and championed the outsourcing of Wisconsin jobs.

“As Johnson prepares for the general election, he’ll have to explain why he put his corporate donors’ interests and his personal political career first at the expense of Wisconsinites.”

Here are all the ways Johnson has sold out Wisconsin families during his time in office

  • Secured hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks for his biggest billionaire donors and corporate backers. During the 2017 GOP tax law debate, Ron Johnson worked to secure a large, multi-million dollar tax giveaway for his biggest billionaire backers — and for himself. The tax carveout he spearheaded, “overwhelmingly benefited the wealthiest, over small businesses.” Johnson still hasn’t said how much he personally benefited from the tax cuts he secured for himself, but he has now repeatedly made the false claim that he did not communicate with his campaign donors while pushing tax bill changes that ultimately benefited them.

  • Backed abortion bans and wants almost all abortions to be illegal in the Badger State. Johnson in July 2021 asked the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade. He praised the GOP SCOTUS appointees’ decision to overturn Roe as “a really good decision” and “the correct decision.” Under that outcome, which Johnson urged and hoped for, “almost all abortions” are illegal in Wisconsin. Johnson confirmed that’s his view during a May 10, 2022 interview, arguing that there should be no abortions in Wisconsin and saying that the 6,000 that he says happen per year are “6,000 too many.”

  • Championed the outsourcing of Wisconsin jobs and opposed measures to boost domestic manufacturing and hold big corporations — and China — accountable. In September 2020, Johnson was caught on tape praising the outsourcing of American jobs, arguing that it’s better for corporations to make products “dirt cheap” overseas. From that perspective, it’s no surprise that Johnson opposed the CHIPS Act, calling it — a “stupid policy” that “made no sense” — despite the fact that it will lower costs for working families, strengthen our supply chain, keep jobs in America, and ensure we can out-compete countries like China. 

  • Supports cuts and changes to Social Security and Medicare. Johnson has suggested Social Security and Medicare should be turned into discretionary spending — leaving these entitlement programs that millions of Seniors and people with disabilities rely on susceptible to Republican budget cuts each year. He has also praised NRSC Chair Rick Scott’s policy roadmap which would “sunset” Social Security and Medicare “within five years” — calling it a “positive thing” and has repeatedly (falsely) labeled Social Security  a “Ponzi scheme.” 

  • Proposed gutting health care coverage protections and spiking costs. Johnson has said Republicans should repeal the ACA if they retake the Senate. That echoes years of anti-ACA rhetoric from Johnson, who said last year he regrets that Republicans have so far failed to eliminate the law.

  • Failed to fight for Wisconsin jobs in his own hometown. On the campaign trail, Johnson argued that he “wouldn’t insert [him]self” to protect and secure the 1,000 Wisconsin jobs because “it’s not like we don’t have enough jobs here in Wisconsin.” For these comments, Johnson has been berated by union members for his empty “rhetoric” — with one UAW member arguing Johnson hasn’t “been well informed on the situation.” 

  • Voted against a once-in-a-generation investment in America’s infrastructure and competitiveness. Johnson opposed a historic bipartisan infrastructure bill that creates good-paying jobs, fixes broken roads and bridgesensures clean water, and expands high-speed internet for all. Despite praising the bill as “good,” Johnson worked against a deal that positively impacts millions of Wisconsinites.

  • Voted against legislation that allows Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices. Johnson opposed the Inflation Reduction Act opposing a sweeping bill that will fight inflation, invest in domestic energy production, and reduce carbon emissions. Johnson also blocked a cap on insulin costs that would provide relief for millions of patients.

American Bridge will continue to hold Ron Johnson accountable for all of this and more, as he works against Wisconsinites best interests.

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