Johnson voted against the “No Surprises Act,” despite its patient protections

Despite opposition from Ron Johnson, effective January 1, 2022, “federal law bans many types of out-of-network medical bills and puts the onus on doctors and health insurance companies to resolve their payment disputes,” as highlighted by Axios.

Via Axios:

  • “Consumers can breathe a sigh of relief because, in many scenarios, they should no longer face unexpected charges from doctors who are not in their insurance networks.”

  • “Instead of sending out bills, doctors and insurance companies have to resolve their differences while holding the patient harmless.”

  • “The bottom line: The law will save a lot of patients from financial ruin. But a lot of gaps remain in the health care system.”

Ron Johnson opposed the ban limiting many surprise medical bills, the No Surprises Act, when he voted in opposition to December 2020’s Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 — siding with corporate health care interests instead of Wisconsinites.

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