As Wisconsin U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson defends his role in the fake elector scheme to block Joe Biden’s electoral college victory and throw the election to Trump, we’re revisiting Johnson’s actions in the days leading up to Jan. 6.

Timeline—Ron Johnson and Jan. 6:

After the bombshell text messages revelation in yesterday’s Jan. 6 hearing, Johnson tried to get out of answering reporter questions by pretending to be on a fake phone call. And when that charade fell flat, Johnson notably did not deny his desire and intention to knowingly hand-deliver the fraudulent “elector” documents to Pence.

Johnson then sought to blame an unknown House office and intern — as if he’s in the routine habit of passing along to the Vice President of the United States any mysterious package that his office receives, without caring about its provenance.

But Johnson’s actions in the runup to Jan. 6, and his efforts to pressure Pence on the fake “electors” tells a different story. Taken together, Johnson’s actions show that he was deeply involved in and complicit in the Trump campaign scheme to overturn the election — and this Pence pressure campaign is just the latest shoe to drop 

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