Milwaukee, Wisc. February 23, 2022 — Yesterday, the Wisconsin Assembly passed a series of bills to expand parental school choice program access and protect parental rights in education.

These bills, part of the larger Empowering Parents K-12 Education Reform Package, include:

  • AB 963, which protects the rights of parents and guardians to direct the upbringing and education of their children,
  • AB 967 and AB 968, which relate to the expansion and opening of additional high-performing charter schools and
  • AB 970, which eliminates the income limits on the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program, Milwaukee Parental Choice Program and the Racine Parental Choice Program. AB 970 also eliminates the pupil participation limits in the WPCP.

“We are pleased to see that these bills have passed and will progress to the Senate,” says American Federation for Children – Wisconsin State Director Justin Moralez. “Thank you to the bills’ authors and co-sponsors as well as the assembly members who are fighting for the educational freedom of families across our state.”

Last week, over 500 Wisconsin families sent more than 1,500 emails to their lawmakers in support of the Empowering Parents K-12 Education Reform bill package.

A recent poll from School Choice Wisconsin of over 700 likely Wisconsin voters showed 61.3% support for the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program. Another poll by Remington Research Group found that 71% of eligible Milwaukee voters agreed that parents should have the right to choose between public, charter and voucher schools.

To thank your legislators for supporting educational choice, visit:

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