MADISON – The membership of the Assembly Republican leadership team released the following joint statement:

“In order to ensure the safety and security of the 2022 election, the Assembly Republican caucus has been united in our desire to get to the bottom of any 2020 election regularities and fraud. It is why we appointed Justice Gableman as special counsel to oversee the investigation.

“The word “misinformation” is too often used in today’s political discourse as a way to completely discount your opponent’s position. However, adhering to the true sense of the word, Rep. Ramthun and his staffer are spreading misinformation.

“Speaker Vos has never worked with Hillary Clinton’s attorney to authorize drop boxes across the country. His involvement in NCSL did not involve anything having to do with drop boxes. In fact, Rep. Ramthun himself has sponsored legislation that would allow for a ballot to be returned to a drop box.

“With the exception of one person, credible attorneys everywhere have come up with the same legal theory: We do not have the authority to decertify the 2020 election. Working with the Trump Campaign, all of us worked to stop Madison’s illegal “Democracy in the Park” ballot harvesting operation.

“We support Speaker Vos’ actions. No matter how much Rep. Ramthun and his staffer believe what they are saying is true, it does not make it so. Sending out communications full of lies is doing disservice to all voters. With so much information to parse through on the internet and in traditional media, we all must do a better job of listening and communicating.”

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