Richard Ausman is running to retire Tom Tiffany as he does not represent the best interests of the citizens of the 7th district. Richard is appalled that Tom Tiffany ignores the needs of his constituents in favor of representing the interests of foreign mining companies, big corporations, and wealthy Republican donors. His voting record has shown him to be a radical extremist, although a quiet one.

Mr. Tiffany has voted 1) Against lowering the price of insulin 2) Against repairing our roads, bridges, and railways 3) Against expanding rural access to high speed internet 4) Against aid to Ukraine and support for NATO 5) Against providing medical assistance to veterans exposed to toxic burn pits 6) Against allowing Medicare to negotiate for lower drug prices 7) Against an individual’s right to purchase contraceptives 8) Against supporting tourism and outdoor recreation 9) Against funding for community policing 10) Against the payroll protection program that saved millions of jobs and businesses 11) Against combating the climate crisis 12) Against good paying jobs with his vote against
the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act 13) Against reducing health care costs for singles and families 14) Against cleaning up deadly air and water pollution 15) Against increasing domestic energy production, and 16) Against
raising the tax on corporations who have been paying zero income taxes to require them to pay a minimum of 15%, to name just some of his negative votes. His full voting record can be viewed via the following web address/link –

The citizens of the 7th Congressional District deserve someone who will wake up every morning focused on what they can do today to improve the lives of their constituents. Someone who will work hard for them. Richard Ausman will do that.

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