MILWAUKEE, WI — The Chief Deputy of the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office and candidate for Milwaukee County Sheriff, Dr. Denita Ball, released a comprehensive, multipronged plan that she would implement as the next Milwaukee County Sheriff. The plan addresses the significant challenges facing the office and public safety in the County.

“Milwaukee County is at a crossroads right now,” said Dr. Ball. “Crime, especially violent crime, is increasing at alarming rates. I’m running for Sheriff because we need a leader with the experience, training, integrity, and courage that will be required to change the alarming trajectory our county has been on for too long.

“We also need a leader with a clear vision for the future. That is why I’m unveiling detailed and systematic plans for the Sheriff’s Office that specifically address the challenges we face and will propel us into a safer and brighter future for all of us in Milwaukee County.”

Dr. Ball’s plan addresses major areas of concern in detail, including crime and public safety, education and training, fiscal responsibility and accountability, and mental health and employee wellness. Dr. Ball’s full plans for the office can be read at

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