Milwaukee (June 13, 2022) – Today, Brian Barkow, law enforcement executive and candidate for Milwaukee County Sheriff in the August 9 Democratic primary, issued the following statement regarding County Board Resolution 22-577, heard in committee on Thursday, June 9:

“I applaud the County Board’s Committee on Judiciary, Safety and General Services for declaring a clear policy direction toward publicly operated food and commissary services in the Milwaukee County Jail. I fully support this important effort and will advance it as sheriff. The purpose of the jail is to safely and humanely uphold court orders imposing pre-trial detention, not to make money for any private entity. As sheriff, I will work with the County Executive and County Board to de-privatize food and commissary services and restore publicly managed, in-house operations that fulfill these important roles in a manner that earns our community’s trust.

“It is essential that we transform the Milwaukee County Jail into a safe and secure facility that upholds the rights and dignity of everyone detained there. Pervasive privatization does not help us meet this objective, and I agree with the Judiciary Committee that we must move as quickly as possible toward a more just and dignified approach.

“As we enact this change, we must ensure that publicly operated food and commissary services function at the highest levels of quality and efficiency. And it imperative that any county positions created to staff these services pay a living wage to the employees entrusted with these important tasks.”

Brian Barkow is the only candidate for Milwaukee County Sheriff with action plans to reduce violent crime, curb reckless driving, and transform the Milwaukee County Jail into the national model for safe, secure, and humane detention. A lifelong Milwaukeean and respected law enforcement innovator, Brian holds the rank of inspector and commands the Investigative Services Bureau in the administration of Sheriff Earnell Lucas. He previously served as a captain, sergeant, and deputy sheriff.

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