(Milwaukee, WI) – Today, Brian Barkow, Democratic candidate for Milwaukee County Sheriff, issued the following statement regarding his vision for community-driven public safety:


“Milwaukee County residents deserve plans, not platitudes, from the candidates competing to serve as the next Milwaukee County Sheriff,” said Brian. “The Sheriff’s Office has made significant progress in recent years, but more work remains to be done.”


“As our community contends with rising violent crime, the next Milwaukee County Sheriff must be ready on Day One with an effective community policing strategy,” Brian continued. “The next sheriff must be committed to fully transforming the Milwaukee County Jail into the national model for safe, humane, and transparent pre-trial detention. At the same time, the next sheriff must ensure that the agency operates as effectively and as accountably as possible. That means investing in a healthy and inclusive organizational culture that puts our community first, embraces public input and takes decisive action to improve staff morale.”


Brian added: “As a lifelong Milwaukee resident and current law enforcement executive, I am prepared to implement ambitious but achievable public safety strategies on my first day in office. Today, I am announcing concrete plans to reduce violent crime, transform the Milwaukee County Jail, and ensure effective and accountable management within the Sheriff’s Office.”


Brian is a strong proponent of community-centered policing, and his plans reflect his commitment to expanding public engagement with all bureaus and divisions of the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office. These plans cut a sharp contrast with the platforms shared by Brian’s competitors in the Democratic primary for Milwaukee County Sheriff. None of Brian’s competitors have offered comparably detailed plans to curb violent crime, establish an independent oversight authority for the Milwaukee County Jail, or create a Community Advisory Council to foster trust and transparency. This contrast emphasizes that Brian is the only candidate for sheriff who is running a campaign centered on actual plans, not political talking points.


Brian’s five-point plans to reduce violent crime, transform the Milwaukee County Jail, and ensure effective administration are available at www.barkowforsheriff.com and are also attached to this press release as PDF files.

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