Dem U.S. Senate candidate Mandela Barnes released the third TV ad of his campaign, this one with his mother talking about having an abortion.

The campaign said the ad is part of a multi-million dollar campaign on broadcast, cable and digital throughout the state.

According to a check of TV buys posted at the FCC’s site, Barnes is currently running ads on broadcast in the Green Bay, Madison and Milwaukee markets. His first buys on broadcast in Green Bay began today, and Dem sources said he’s also up on cable in Milwaukee.

In the ad, Mandela Barnes says his mother had complications with a pregnancy and there was very little chance of survival. It also put her health at risk, so she chose to end the pregnancy.

“It was my decision, not some politician’s,” LaJuan Barnes says.

Mandela Barnes closes the spot saying, “Every woman should have the right to make her own decision, and I’ll fight alongside you every step of the way until you do.”

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