MADISON — When Ron Johnson announces his campaign for a third term in the Senate next week, he’ll be breaking yet another promise to the people of Wisconsin. Desperate for votes in 2016, Johnson announced he would only serve one more term in the Senate and then retire.

Now, desperate to hang onto power so he can continue to serve himself and his wealthy backers, Johnson is breaking his promise to Wisconsinites.

“Ron Johnson has been a failure and Wisconsin voters know it,” said Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes. “The only people cheering Johnson’s decision are the wealthy special interests and big donors who have made a killing during his time in Washington. He promised to stand up for working families, but instead opposed critical economic relief for families and small businesses, while helping to write the law that gives millions in tax breaks to the ultra-wealthy. Ron Johnson has made clear that he’s corrupt, out of touch with Wisconsinites, and can’t be trusted.”

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