MADISON – This week, Senator Ron Johnson voted against the advancement of common-sense legislation to expand healthcare coverage for military veterans who were exposed to toxins and burn pits during their service.

Exposure to burn pits and associated toxins can lead to asthma, rhinitis, and cancer, and has affected thousands of veterans.

In response to Senator Johnson’s vote, Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor and candidate for U.S. Senate Mandela Barnes released the following statement:

“Our service members take an oath to protect and defend our freedom, our country, and our constitution. Across Wisconsin and the country, thousands of veterans who upheld that oath are suffering from the effects of burn pit exposure as a result of their service. Because of Senator Johnson, our heroes will have to wait to get access to the care they desperately need and deserve. My message to Senator Johnson is clear: Stop playing games with our veterans’ health care and deliver this commonsense relief now.”

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