Mandela Barnes Leads Ron Johnson 51%-44%

Mandela Barnes Leads Ron Johnson Among Independents by 14 Points

As you digest today’s Marquette poll, here are a few thoughts from me:

  • Mandela Barnes is on track to defeat Ron Johnson in November.
    • In the first head-to-head matchup of the general election, Mandela beats Ron Johnson by 7 points (51-44%).

    • Mandela is leading Ron Johnson among Independents by a staggering 14 points. 

    • Mandela has been able to grow his lead over Johnson from the primary to the general election. As Wisconsinites begin to engage with the upcoming midterms, it’s clear that voters are swinging Mandela’s way.

    • This poll was fielded before Johnson came out in favor of slashing Social Security, and argued against allowing Medicare to negotiate fair drug prices for working people in an attempt to protect his Big Pharma donors.

  • Wisconsinites are ready for a leader who will fight for middle class families — because unlike Ron Johnson, Mandela understands what Wisconsin voters are going through. 

    • The son of a third shift auto worker and public school teacher, Mandela has kept his lead over Johnson with Independent voters, proving his message of rebuilding the middle class resonates with working people across party lines.

    • Mandela has earned the endorsements of unions, farmers, workers, law enforcement officers, community organizers, faith leaders, and local elected officials from Beloit to Superior and everywhere in between.

  • Ron Johnson has a serious enthusiasm problem within his own party.

    • The results on August 9 show that Johnson has an enthusiasm problem within his own party.

      • Johnson’s challenger, who spent virtually no money and had almost zero name recognition, was able to peel off nearly 110,000 votes in the Republican primary against an incumbent who has been in office for over a decade.

    • Johnson continues to show how out of touch he is by calling for the slashing of Social Security, coming out on the side of big pharmaceutical companies, and justifying sending good-paying union jobs out of the state.

  • Mandela has never taken any vote for granted. He will continue to take his message of working for the middle class to voters in every corner of the state. 

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