As you digest today’s Marquette poll, here are a few thoughts from me:

  • It’s official: Mandela Barnes has the best chance of anyone in this Senate primary to defeat Ron Johnson. 

    • In a general election match up, Mandela beats Ron Johnson by 2 points, more than any of his opponents.

    • Lasry, Mandela’s next leading opponent in the Democratic senate primary, does not beat Johnson in a head to head.

    • This poll was fielded before the shocking revelation that Johnson tried to subvert the 2020 election — which will only make him more vulnerable.

  • Mandela is the ONLY candidate leading Ron Johnson among independents.  

    • Mandela leads Johnson with Independent voters, while his primary opponents trail Johnson among Independent voters by 2-8 points.

  • Mandela is also Democrats’ first choice in the primary. Despite an $8 million dollar onslaught from his next leading opponent, Mandela Barnes has gained 6 points and expanded his lead against Alex Lasry since the last Marquette poll — because $8 million can buy a lot of name recognition, but it can’t buy the reputation and connection that Mandela has built in Wisconsin over the last decade.

  • Mandela has the highest favorability among Democratic voters by a 10 point margin. 

    • Voters are lining up in support of Mandela because they want someone who understands their lived experience representing them in Washington, and they trust him to work for working people.

  • To boot, this poll represents a snapshot in time before Mandela’s major TV ad buy has fully sunk in with Wisconsinites. As more people see and hear directly from Mandela in his powerful ads, our grassroots momentum will increasingly be reflected in polling results.

  • Mandela has never taken any vote for granted. He will continue to take his message of working for the middle class to voters in every corner of the state.

As always please reach out with any questions.

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