MADISON — Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes, candidate for U.S. Senate, emerged as the clear winner of tonight’s debate, exposing Ron Johnson’s desperate lies and effectively holding Ron Johnson accountable for his record of putting himself and his wealthy donors first. Barnes zeroed in on Johnson’s record of supporting abortion bans without exceptions for rape or incest, his repeated calls to slash Social Security and Medicare, and his efforts that enriched himself and his donors to the tune of millions.  

See below for key moments from tonight’s debate: 

  • WATCH: Barnes’ closing statement: “Senator Johnson is one of the worst parts of a broken system, a person who has been in it for himself and his wealthy donors. Sure, if you’re a multimillionaire, he’ll look out for you. But if you’re a working class person it might not be so easy.” 
  • WATCH: Barnes on Johnson’s support for an abortion ban: “He said that if women don’t like the laws of their state, like the 1849 criminal abortion ban we have here, he said they ‘can move.’ I can’t think of a more callous, out-of-touch, or extreme position to take.” 
  • WATCH: Barnes on Johnson putting Social Security on the chopping block: “He called Social Security ‘candy.’ This is what is keeping people who have worked their entire lives afloat. And the threat to take that away from them does not sit well with me.”
  • WATCH: Barnes slams Johnson for downplaying the violent insurrection on January 6th: “He may not have noticed that an insurrection was happening because he called those people ‘patriots.’ He called them ‘tourists.’ These are the folks that he supported.”
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