MADISON — Today, a coalition of Wisconsin farmers joined over 130 state and local leaders to endorse Mandela Barnes for the U.S. Senate. Yesterday, Mandela released his ‘Grow Wisconsin’ Plan to uplift and prioritize Wisconsin’s family farms.

The coalition of farmers includes:

  • Dela Ends, Scott Hill Farm (Monroe, WI)

  • Kat Becker, Cattail Organics (Athens, WI )

  • Michael Slattery, farmer (Maribel, WI)

  • Andrew Adamski, Full Circle Community Farm (Seymour, WI)

  • Tina Hinchley, Hinchley Dairy Farm (Cambridge, WI)

  • Dan Wegmueller, Wegmueller Family Farm (Monroe, WI)

  • Ashley Wegmueller, Wegmueller Family Farm (Monroe, WI)

  • Les Danielson, grain and dairy farmer (Cadott, WI)

  • Harriet Lavin, Lavin Family Farm (Kansasville, WI)

  • Barney Lavin, Lavin Family Farm (Kansasville, WI)

  • Halee Wepking, Meadowlark Community Mill (Ridgeway, WI)

  • John Wepking, Meadowlark Community Mill (Ridgeway, WI)

  • Tenzin Botsford, Red Door Family Farm (Athens, WI)

  • Stacey Botsford, Red Door Family Farm (Athens, WI)

“Our rural communities are often left out of the political discussions. That leaves folks feeling abandoned, forgotten, insignificant which leads to anger and frustration,” said Dela Ends. “Farming communities are a significant piece of Wisconsin’s economy. To solve our problems we must work together. Mandela has taken the time to travel rural Wisconsin and LISTEN to farmers and rural business people. He wants to really understand the needs and problems in rural communities which are different from urban issues. He has been clear that everyone’s voice matters and I respect him for that.”

“A lot of politicians prioritize big industries and wealthy donors over the little guys, but not Mandela,” said Dan Wegmueller. “He shows up again and again, he really listens, and he fights for farmers like us. Now, more than ever, we need intelligent, strong leadership in this country, and that’s why I’m supporting him to be our next Senator.”

“I’m proud to be supporting Mandela Barnes for Senate,” said Kat Becker. “As a small business owner and a farmer, it’s so important to me that Mandela took the time to talk about rural broadband, sustainable agriculture practices, and targeted investments in smaller townships and villages. I’m confident Mandela will fight for our family farms in Washington, and that’s why I’m endorsing his campaign.”

“Throughout the years I’ve known Mandela Barnes, he has never wavered in his commitment to fighting for our rural communities,” said Michael Slattery. “I’m proud to endorse his campaign for Senate because I know that Mandela will continue to be a champion for Wisconsin family farmers in Washington.”

“I’ve known Mandela Barnes for some time, and that’s why I’m confident he is the best person to represent Wisconsin in the U.S. Senate,” said Les Danielson. “Mandela doesn’t just show up when it’s election time. He’s been here fighting for us for years. Mandela knows family farmers have been given the short end of the stick for far too long, and in Washington, I know he’ll be a leader in the fight to standing up against Big Ag monopolies.”

“I’m proud to support Mandela Barnes for Senate because he’s always looking for ways Wisconsin can do better to support our family farmers,” said Harriet Lavin. “He listened to my concerns about reforming our immigration system and my ideas for sustainable agriculture. I know he’ll make a great champion for family farmers in the U.S. Senate.”

“This November, I’ll be proud to cast my vote for Mandela Barnes,” said Barney Lavin. “Mandela puts Wisconsin family farmers first – not CAFOs or corporations. I know he’ll fight to address climate change, reform our immigration system, and create good-paying jobs in our communities. I’m confident Mandela Barnes is the man to get the job done.”

“This election, my family and I are looking forward to supporting Mandela Barnes,” said Tina Hinchley. “Mandela gets it. He’s experienced firsthand a lot of the issues that are important to us – everything from the Affordable Care Act to the dairy policy issues to immigration reform. Mandela cares enough to ask us what we need, and I know he’ll deliver for us in the U.S. Senate.”

“Mandela Barnes has been a longtime champion for Wisconsin’s farmers, small business owners, and working families,” said Halee Wepking. “I’m proud to endorse his campaign for U.S. Senate because Wisconsinites deserve a leader who will continue to listen and fight for us in Washington.”

“We were honored to have Mandela Barnes join us at Meadowlark on his Barnes for Barns tour,” said John Wepking. “Mandela took the time to listen and ask questions about how we can encourage more young people to become farmers – from lowering costs to minimizing barriers to entry. That’s why I’m proud to join other Wisconsin farmers in standing with Mandela Barnes for U.S. Senate.”

“It can be so easy for farmers to feel isolated and like the government doesn’t listen to us. But Mandela shows up,” said Stacey Botsford. “Mandela makes the time to have these conversations with us because he values the things we have to say. That’s the kind of leader I want representing me in the U.S. Senate. I’m proud to stand with Mandela Barnes.”

“For years, Mandela Barnes has put in the work and shown up in rural communities to ask how he can help us,” said Tenzin Botsford. “That’s why I know he’ll make a great U.S. Senator representing Wisconsin. Mandela takes the time to listen, and I know I can trust him to stand up to Big Ag monopolies in Washington.”

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