MADISON — A new report shows that Ron Johnson has received over $77,000 from executives and companies who have outsourced jobs outside of Wisconsin. Time and time again, he has backed taking valuable jobs from the Wisconsin workforce to please his donors.


UpNorthNews: Companies and Executives Sent Jobs Out of Wisconsin—and Sent Money to Ron Johnson 

  • Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson has received $77,400 over the years from people and firms engaged in outsourcing work to other states and countries, according to a review of campaign finance records provided to UpNorthNews.

  • “To me, it makes no sense for American workers to produce high-labor-content products,” Johnson said in September 2020 to the Commercial Association of Realtors-Wisconsin, as reported at the time by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “Let the billions of people around the world do that and provide us these goods—high quality, dirt cheap.”

  • In 2014, Johnson told the Journal Sentinel outsourcing had been “quite beneficial to America.”

  • Most recently, in February, Johnson said he would not ask Oshkosh Defense to make Wisconsin its base for manufacturing a new generation of US Postal Service trucks—even though the company based in his hometown had recently won a government contract to build 165,000 vehicles. Instead, the firm is likely going to put the jobs in South Carolina with a non-union workforce.

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