MADISON —  Ron Johnson used his office to line the pockets of his wealthiest donors and himself, including pushing through millions in tax deductions for his company and two of his wealthiest donors, while using hard-earned taxpayer dollars to fly to his $3 million dollar vacation home in Florida. 

While Johnson and his friends rake it in, working and middle-class families are getting left behind. Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes is the product of the middle class who will always fight for working people, unlike self-serving Ron Johnson. 

Ron Johnson orchestrated tax law that enriched his wealthiest donors and himself: 

Johnson also took the liberty of using taxpayer dollars to fund trips to his $3 million dollar vacation home in Florida:

  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Sen. Ron Johnson uses tax dollars to travel between Florida family home and the U.S. Capitol
    • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson has been using taxpayer dollars to cover the cost of flights between a Florida family vacation home and Washington, D.C., including nine such trips last year, federal records show.”

At the same time, multi-millionaire Johnson got away with paying fewer taxes than a public school teacher: 

  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “Bice: Multimillionaire U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson paid a mere $2,105 in state income taxes in 2017, despite making big bucks”
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