MADISON —  Ron Johnson has spent his decade in office enriching himself and his wealthy donors while he sells out Wisconsin workers and decimates the state’s manufacturing industry, including supporting shipping jobs out of state and overseas. 

As the son of a union household, Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes will always fight to bring manufacturing back home, put workers first, and undo outsourcing that’s made Wisconsin’s workers, small businesses and farmers struggle while big corporations send jobs overseas. 

Johnson has a long history of arguing in favor of outsourcing and failing to stand up for Wisconsin jobs:

  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson argued for shipping more manufacturing jobs overseas this week.”
  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “Johnson’s latest comments are in line with others he’s made over the years about manufacturing. In 2014, he told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that outsourcing was ‘quite beneficial to America.’”
  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: HEADLINE: ‘It’s not like we don’t have enough jobs here in Wisconsin’: Ron Johnson won’t try to land Oshkosh Corp. postal vehicle work
  • WKOW: Sen. Johnson doubles down on not pushing for Oshkosh jobs

Johnson has even personally benefited as executives and companies that have outsourced Wisconsin jobs have funneled contributions to Johnson. 

  • UpNorthNews: “Executives and companies that have outsourced Wisconsin jobs have contributed more than $77,000 to Johnson, an outspoken supporter of overseas manufacturing that’s ‘dirt cheap.’”
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