Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes, candidate for U.S. Senate, raised nearly twice the amount raised by Sen. Ron Johnson in the third quarter. 

Sen. Johnson raised $12.3 million in Q3, compared to Barnes’ more than $20.1 million from nearly half a million individual donors. 

“The momentum is on Mandela’s side heading into the most critical weeks of the election,” said Maddy McDaniel, spokesperson for the Mandela Barnes campaign. “Wisconsin voters know Ron Johnson doesn’t share their values, from his record of selling out working Wisconsinites to stripping women of their rights. In November, they will send him packing.”

The momentum behind Mandela is only growing after two clear debate victories and his statewide “Ron Against Roe” tour, holding Ron Johnson accountable for his record of supporting eight national bans, including a ban that made no exceptions for rape, incest, or the life of the mother. Over the last 24 days, Mandela will continue to take Johnson to task for his dangerous policies that put women’s lives at risk and leave working families in the dust. 

In a new poll by Clarity Campaign Labs conducted on behalf of the Barnes campaign, Barnes leads Johnson by 48% to 47%, in line with other recent polling including by CBS News, which also shows a one-point margin with Johnson leading Barnes 50% to 49%, and Public Policy Polling, which shows the race even at 47% each. Independent handicappers such as the Cook Political Report and Politico continue to rate the race as a toss up.

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