MADISON — Today, Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes, candidate for U.S. Senate, joined former President Barack Obama for a rally in Milwaukee to talk about the importance of defeating Ron Johnson and the fight to rebuild Wisconsin’s middle class by electing Mandela Barnes. 

Former President Barack Obama said: 

“I know there are some folks, maybe not in this auditorium but in Wisconsin, who think — and I know these ads are running this way — that just because Mandela’s named Mandela, that just because he’s a Democrat with a funny name he must not be not like you, he must not share your values. I mean we’ve seen this — sounds pretty familiar doesn’t it?


“But the truth is I just talked to Mandela’s parents […] — this here is the son of a third shift auto worker and a public school teacher, grew up in one of Milwaukee’s poorest neighborhoods. Worked as an organizer, served as a state legislator, now a Lieutenant Governor, he’s fought every step of the way to make sure Wisconsinites have opportunity to get ahead just like he did; he believes in the American dream. If that’s not a true blooded Wisconsin American, I don’t know what is. C’mon!”

Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes, candidate for U.S. Senate, said: 

“I’d never really considered politics until I saw then-state Senator Barack Obama’s 2004 Democratic National Convention Speech. But here was someone whose story sounded a lot like mine – and a lot like the stories of the friends, family members, neighbors, and workers all across this state who I knew deserved better than Ron Johnson was giving us. Because while Ron Johnson wants to ban abortions with no exceptions and deliver tax breaks for himself and his wealthy donors, I do believe that better is possible. We’re going to bring opportunity back to Wisconsin and rebuild the middle class, and that starts by replacing Ron Johnson this November.” 

Mandela Barnes is currently on his 16-day, 100-stop Win for Wisconsin bus tour across the state, meeting with the small business owners, family farmers, workers, and young people that Ron Johnson has repeatedly turned his back on. For more information about stops in your area, please contact

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