Wisconsinites across the state are united behind Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes as he fights to rebuild the middle class and give everyone a fair shot at the American dream. 

Here’s what they’re saying: 

  • “Mandela Barnes is the choice I’m making for a senator to represent Wisconsin. He uses sound logic. He represents integrity, humility and respect, and he’s genuine and thoughtful — all qualities sorely lacking in our current political climate.” [Pam Condon, 8/10/22]
  • I am hopeful that Barnes can defeat Johnson. Once again Wisconsin would have two working senators.” [Bill Kaplan, 8/22/22]
  • “We need a senator who understands that elders and families have rightfully come to rely on these great American programs that make our nation safer. Mandela Barnes will be a leader who protects the middle class, cares about working families and fights for fairness.” [Emily Klein, 8/25/22]
  • “So it just doesn’t make any sense to Barnes that Johnson, who resides in Oshkosh, would be so unconcerned about the loss of 1,000 jobs in that city. ‘It’s not just 1,000 jobs. It’s a 1,000 opportunities for families — like the opportunities I had because my parents had good union jobs,’ explained Barnes.” [John Nichols, 9/4/22]
  • “Electing Mandela Barnes to the Senate in November is not just a vote to remove Johnson from office, it is a vote to have meaningful representation for Wisconsinites.” [Sharon Morrow, 9/12/22]
  • “Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes has pledged to pass a new voting rights act, enhance election security, and strengthen ethics rules for elected officials if he’s elected to the Senate.” [Emily Klein, 9/13/22]
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