MADISON — Today, Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes, candidate for U.S. Senate, released “Enough,” his first ad holding Sen. Ron Johnson accountable for his record of outsourcing jobs and failing to stand against Wisconsin workers. Last week, Mandela’s top primary opponents suspended their campaigns to endorse Mandela.

Ron Johnson has spent his decade in office enriching himself and his wealthy donors while he sells out Wisconsin workers and decimates the state’s manufacturing industry. This year, Ron Johnson supported an Oshkosh CEO’s decision to create 1,000 new jobs in South Carolina instead of Wisconsin — part of a long pattern of Johnson arguing in favor of outsourcing and even passing a tax law that rewards companies that ship jobs overseas.

While Ron Johnson is focused on his own agenda while working families pay the price, Mandela is running for Senate to rebuild the middle class and give everyone a fair shot at the American dream. He will fight to bring manufacturing back home so everyone in Wisconsin has the same opportunities that Mandela’s dad’s union job on the assembly line afforded their family. In March 2022, Mandela rolled out his “Make It Here” plan to restore the Wisconsin manufacturing industry that Ron Johnson has abandoned.

Read a transcript of the ad below.

I’m Mandela Barnes and I approve this message.

Ron Johnson couldn’t be more out of touch with Wisconsin.

Johnson publicly praised outsourcing and defended a company that moved our jobs to China.

Johnson even supported a CEO in Oshkosh who is taking 1,000 new jobs to South Carolina.

When asked why, Johnson said Wisconsin has enough jobs.

Enough jobs? Ron Johnson is out of touch alright. And we’re paying the price. 

About Mandela Barnes 

Mandela Barnes’ story is a Wisconsin story. Born and raised in Milwaukee, Mandela is the proud son of a union household running for the U.S. Senate to give every Wisconsinite a fair shot at the American Dream. From his days as an organizer to his work in the State Assembly and as Wisconsin’s first Black Lieutenant Governor, Mandela has consistently put in the work to connect with every community across Wisconsin. When it comes to supporting family farms, Main Streets, workers, and unions across the state, Wisconsinites know they can count on Mandela Barnes to go to bat for them because he understands the challenges they face firsthand. In the Senate, Mandela will fight to bring good-paying jobs back to Wisconsin and to expand opportunities for the middle class. 

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