MADISON — Today, Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes, Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate released ‘Rick,’ a new ad highlighting how Wisconsin’s law enforcement know that they can trust Mandela to support them and provide the resources they need to keep our communities safe. ‘Rick’ is part of a multi-millionaire dollar ad campaign on broadcast, cable, and digital throughout the state.

While Ron Johnson continues to lie to distract voters from his record of failing the law enforcement community, from his support of an insurrection that left 140 police officers injured to his vote against the American Rescue Plan’s funds for law enforcement, Mandela Barnes will continue to deliver the resources law enforcement needs to keep our communities safe.  

Mandela Barnes knows firsthand the pain of losing someone to violence. In the Senate, he’ll work to equip law enforcement with the tools they need to keep us safe and will fight to invest in crime prevention.

Read a transcript of the ‘Rick’ below.

I worked on the force for 30 years.

I’ve seen plenty of politicians. But Mandela, he’s the real deal. 

Mandela doesn’t want to defund the police. 

He’s very supportive of law enforcement. 

And I know his objective is to make every community in the state of Wisconsin better.

I trust him to get the resources that we need to keep people safe and to reduce crime in the first place.

As a retired cop, I want someone like Mandela. 

Mandela is the right guy for the job. 

I’m Mandela Barnes, and I approve this message. 

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