MADISON — Today, the Mandela Barnes for Wisconsin campaign released a new poll showing Lieutenant Governor Barnes is the overwhelming choice of Democratic voters to take on Ron Johnson in November. Mandela’s lead over the field has actually increased over recent public polls, even as other candidates in the race have spent millions of their personal wealth on television and online advertising.

Read the polling memo:

The poll, conducted by ALG Research, had a number of key findings:

  • Mandela far outpaces his primary opponents in name ID and favorability.

  • Mandela leads the primary field with 40% of the vote, with his nearest opponent at 11%.

  • Mandela’s lead over the primary field grows to 32 points after voters hear bio paragraphs for each of the candidates.

  • Mandela has earned more support in the primary than all of his primary opponents combined, and he is also the overwhelming second choice for current Lasry, Godlewski, and Nelson voters.

Current Vote Share 

Informed Vote

Campaign Manager Kory Kozloski released the following statement:

“Mandela may not be the candidate with the deepest pockets or the biggest special interest backers, but it’s clear that the people of Wisconsin trust him and believe he’s the best choice to defeat Ron Johnson once and for all.

“Mandela has traveled to every corner of Wisconsin, listening to voters and sharing his vision for a Senate that delivers for working people. They’ve seen firsthand how he’s stood up for workers, farmers, and small businesses, helped to energize Wisconsin’s pandemic recovery, worked to tackle climate change and rising health care costs, and fought to bring good jobs back home to Wisconsin.

“This poll is just the latest proof that Mandela has built a large, statewide coalition of grassroots support, and is well positioned to take on and defeat Ron Johnson (and his big special interest backers) in November.”

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