Since Launching Mandela Has Raised Over $4 Million With Nearly 93,000 Individual Donations 

MADISON, WI — Wisconsin Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes, candidate for U.S. Senate, announced today that he surpassed Q4 fundraising numbers, raising more than $1.7 million in the latest fundraising quarter — the most raised by any candidate in this race to date.

The latest quarter brings the campaign’s fundraising total to over $4 million with nearly 93,000 individual donations since launching.

Mandela continues to lead with grassroots momentum this quarter:

  • Average donation under $40

  • More than 28,000 total donors

  • Nearly 44,000 individual donations

  • Not one dime in Corporate PAC money

“Mandela Barnes’ unparalleled fundraising momentum continued this quarter with a haul that shows how much excitement there is for this campaign in every corner of the state,” said Maddy McDaniel, communications director for Mandela Barnes for Wisconsin. “From the record-breaking first raise of his campaign to his growing army of small-dollar donors, Mandela has proven he has the people of Wisconsin behind him in the fight to unseat Ron Johnson.”

In October, Mandela set a record with the largest first quarter raise by a first-time US Senate candidate in Wisconsin’s history. He has continued to outraise the field each quarter since. Barnes is the only candidate in the Democratic primary whose fundraising has continued to grow every quarter, despite taking no money from corporate PACs.

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